Customizing News Feed Items on Facebook
Customizing News Feed Items on Facebook
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Customizing News Feed Items on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media platform which can be used to share different moments of your life. It has enabled the users to remain in touch with each other. Various tools are available which you can use as per your requirement. You can choose the option to either post status, share video, share images, like status, share status, and comment on the status. Apart from that you can also choose the option to chat in real time with your friends. Even in the chat you can choose to add smileys, stickers, send images, and videos. You can also choose the option to perform audio and video chats. Facebook is also used by numerous users to share the media items. This in turn increases interaction and in thereby boosts the revenue. A number of users also use it to advertise their products. Some of the features are available only for the advanced users. 

Facebook news feed helps the users to get an idea of the latest news and happenings occurring in the world. Here a number of news are displayed as per the interests of the users. The latest news of the person you follow is displayed along with the news of your family and friends. Sometimes you may feel that the Facebook news feed does not display the information as per your choice. Whenever you come across a similar scenario, you can choose the option to customize the news feed on Facebook.

Steps to customize Facebook news feed:

It is quite easy to customize Facebook news feed. Just go through the steps provided below to successfully customize the Facebook news feed:

  • Open Facebook on your browser and then login to your Facebook page.
  • Choose which items are to be seen first by selecting the option to See First by clicking on the dropdown menu and then select the See First button.
  • You can also choose which items are to be seen from the list of items of videos, photos, status, live videos, photos, links, etc.
  • Change your news preferences and choose which elements you want to see first.

These steps help you to successfully customize the news feed as per your liking. In case of any problem with your facebook account, you can request support from the experts by ringing onto the Facebook Customer Service Phone   and get the problem fixed by the experts immediately.


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